“Books on GIF” is a fun and quirky book review column started by Michael P. Ventura, the Managing Editor of DNAInfo.  The title is pretty self-explanatory — he peppers his “smart and non-snooty” reviews with animated GIFs.

In January, he published an enthusiastic review of The Button Thief, delightfully illustrated with a slew of well-chosen animated GIFs .  (And you’ve  gotta check out the GIF he used at the end for his “rating” of the book!  It’s perfect!)

Here’s an excerpt:

Webern has many great stories about growing up, from her discovery of modern dance in a class held in the Lavanburg Homes’ basement to her finding romantic love on the building’s roof. There are also the fascinating tales of her family’s struggles for a better life, which involve arranged marriages, plucking chickens and button thievery. But what I found most interesting was her almost complete lack of nostalgia for those times.

Read the full “Books on GIF” review by clicking here.